Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I love working from home

Especially on days like today. It snowed, so I haven't left the house all day. I like this. It was a light snow, barely 2 inches, but it was nice to sit in front of my very big front window and watch the snow fall, and know I didn't have to drive in it and worry about black ice or the other stupid drivers on the road.

I got a foster dog, Lizzie, from a Cocker Spaniel rescue in New York, about two weeks ago. She's 10 years old, black with a gray muzzle, and very sweet. We're having some potty training issues, but she's improving. She was in the kennel for about a month, and I think she lost track of how to let someone know when she has to go. She also sleeps very deeply and doesn't feel when she has to go, so sometimes she poops in her sleep. I have her sleeping on towels, and I do laundry a lot. It's a lot like having a toddler! She's very snuggly, and loves to run in the yard. I'm glad my front yard is fenced in - she LOVES to run out there.

In other news, work has picked up a lot. I love being able to get up a bit later - around 8 - and not having to commute! I just shower, make coffee, go out with Lizzie, then turn on my computer and get right to work. It's awesome. I can take a break when I need to, go to the post office or the store, or the dump when I need to. I do have to go meet clients and go to court occasionally, but for the most part, I'm at home. I love it. The only down side I have found is making sure I watch the clock, so I don't sit for too long, and so I remember to eat lunch. I'll look up at 3 pm and wonder why I'm so hungry, and why my behind and back hurt. It's because I've been sitting in the same spot since 8:30, with only a few short breaks to go out with Lizzie! Really, though, that is such a minor issue. I can eat a good, hot dinner every night because I have time to cook. I made cornbread this afternoon, to have with dinner. I really enjoy that part. I also really like being home with Lizzie, and having her company. It makes a big difference to me.

More later this week, when I have more time and a little less work to get done! Meantime, here's a couple of Lizzie shots:

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Don Meyer said...

Cute dog. You sound pleased - life, dog, food ... We get snow rarely here in the San Francisco Bay Area, but you paint a beautiful picture.