Monday, August 22, 2011

The last year begins

Today begins my last year of law school. I'm hoping this one will be slightly easier than the last two, but I really know better. It will be hard, in a different way than the other years have been. I'll be doing a Battered Women's clinical and a bar prep course, that basically means I have a 6-day-a-week schedule. I'm actually moving this time, up to Cambridge. Because my step-son isn't on the Cape, I'll be closing up the house and bringing the cat and plants with me. I'll be back on the merry-go-round of too much caffeine, too little sleep, and really bad food.

The good part is that I have a paying gig this year, clerking for an attorney in Boston. It's interesting work, and he and I get along very well, so that makes it less like work. Living closer to school will also make it easier for me to get the rest I need, and will save wear and tear on my car. It will also mean that I'm less reliant on my car, so if it craps out, I can still get to school. If the weather is bad, I can still get to school. Fewer excuses = fewer absences from class = (I fervently hope!) higher grades.

I'm looking forward to my last year, despite the drawbacks I listed above. It's geeky fun, I have some wonderful friends, and a new and familiar place to live, which is always fun for me. The moving sucks, but the newness is nice.

I set my year up as best I could with a wonderful, relaxing visit to my son and daughter-in-law, in south Jersey. They are great people, and I always enjoy visiting with them. We mostly sat around and talked with each other, which is so wonderful. No racing around, no place to be, just enjoying each other's company. Perfect. Oh, and a good long nap every day. Just what I needed.

Off and running again!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Life has its turns, doesn't it?

My step-son went back to jail last night. The short version, and the only version I'll put on the web, is that he violated his parole and was taken back to jail. That sucks. No other word for it. It sucks. He was upset, I was upset, his sister, my mother, all of us were upset at this development.

Now for the heartwarming part of the story. I spent last night and this morning on the phone and email, letting the family know. I talked with my step-daughter, his sister, for a long time, and we're at peace, knowing we did all we could for him. I went to see my mother, to tell her in person, and talked with her a long time. She, too, helped where she could, and is at peace with what she was able to do for him. I talked with my son, who also held me up, and with my significant other, who did the same. What I find so heartwarming is that I have so many people to turn to for support. I haven't even scratched the surface - I've only talked with immediate family so far, including my sisters. One sister called me this morning to say how sorry she is at this turn of events. We had a wonderful talk. Today, I'll start calling the friends who need to know. I expect the same reaction from them - sadness at his relapse, support for me, encouragement in whatever path I choose to take next.

I'm counting my blessings this morning. Despite the heart-soreness I'm feeling (the only description I can come up with), I have so much support and love in my life, that I really do feel blessed.

At least now, if he goes back to court, I know what the process will consist of. A slight benefit of studying law.