Friday, September 27, 2013

Widow's Voice: There's No Place Like Home ......

This really says what I have wanted to say for a long time. It's exactly what I have been thinking and feeling for years, and the reason I decided to leave Cape Cod, in the end.

Widow's Voice: There's No Place Like Home ......: ...... even if it's a brand new home. And sometimes ...... especially if it's a brand new home. (Not new as in newly built, bu...

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Another new beginning

Here I go again. Moving. I hate moving, and swore for years that I would never do it again, but here I am moving for the third time in the space of one year. Maine has been good, if not exactly what I expected, and now it's time to move on.

I started thinking about moving closer to my mother back in May, when she came home after rehab from her fall, and it was my turn to go back and forth to help her out. My older sister spent over 2 months going back and forth from her home in NJ to MA to help my mom out. Come May, I had things to take care of on the Cape, so I ended up going back and forth every few days between May and June. It was a long, difficult trip, and I started thinking about if this happened again. I realized that I really wanted to be closer to Cape Cod, so if I did need to travel to help my mother out again, I could be there more quickly, and the trip wouldn't be as hard on me. I started to look at jobs in MA, and quickly realized that rents there are terribly high, so I went over the border to New Hampshire, and decided on Concord.

I have found a job within TD Bank in NH, which I start in 2 weeks (YIKES!), and I have found an apartment complex I like, and expect to move November 1. Eep! It's coming up fast! Now starts the whole packing process AGAIN. The best part is that I am clearing out more stuff - believe it or not, I still have more stuff to get rid of! I have cleared out so much, I didn't think there was anything left! There is a lot left to give away, though, and I have roughly 2 weeks to do it. It will get done, but it's going to be more stress, on top of the stress of changing jobs. It is exciting, though! Another new beginning!

I'm excited to be back in a city again. I'll be moving to a quiet part of Concord, so I won't have city sounds, but I will have city conveniences. I have missed Starbucks and multi-cultural food. Things I don't have here in Mid-Coast Maine. I'm excited to move to an apartment with a laundry in the building, and with updated appliances. And a bathtub. My apartment here is very cute, but I have missed those conveniences. I'm excited for my new job. It's a few steps forward within the company, and it gives me much more chance to advance further. When I pass the bar exam (someday...), I'll be in a better position to move up into the legal department within the bank.

So, some good and some stress, as always. Coffee will be an essential part of my diet in the coming weeks. I have done it before, though, and I'll do it successfully this time, too. Wish me luck!