Sunday, November 4, 2012

My Maine experience so far

I've been here about a month, and it's been, well, very interesting.

I've had a few hiccups with the house. It was a bit dismaying at first because it was so different from my house on Cape Cod. Then again, as my son reminded me, it took me nearly 20 years to get the old house in shape, so I need to remember that and be patient. I love the size of the house, I love that my office is right in the house, and I love that the house has so much light coming in. It feels very comfortable.

I don't like that the heat is still dodgy - the landlord's handyman is working on it, but slowly. There are two furnaces here, one in the house and one in the office. The house one is connected to a very old oil tank, that needs to be scrapped. The office one is connected to the better oil tank, and the handyman is in the process of moving that one to the front of the house so the oil guy can deliver when there's snow on the ground. It's taking a looonnnnggg time. At least the house furnace is working right now, but I have no heat in the office. That's fine until the weather gets colder, which may happen any day now.

I am getting my boxes unpacked, and every time I get another area set up, I feel more at home. My office is set up, complete with a comfy chair with a lamp next to it, so I can read client papers in comfortably. I love the view from my office - I overlook my big side yard, and I can see the traffic coming and going on the street. My pictures are at the wall, my knick knacks are getting in place, and I have found some of my scented candles. More and more at home all the time.

The people here are very friendly and welcoming. I haven't been in a single store, diner, or even the dump when someone doesn't strike up a conversation with me. I have been to my local knitting group a couple of times, and the folks there have been welcoming.

I'm finding my way around, to the grocery store, the least expensive gas stations, the local hardware store. I'm spending quite a bit of time at the hardware store! I also have internet, HD TV and phone, so I'm a happy girl! I really feel like I'm settling in nicely. It is different, but in a good way. It's quieter, it's more peaceful, and I feel safer. I'm even training myself to leave doors unlocked when I'm inside the house! That's a huge step for me!

The next post will have more pictures. Promise.


KathyS said...

glad you are beginning to settle in. Change never happens quickly. This is the next chapter of life you have been working so hard to achieve. Embrace it and be confident that it was a good choice. Peace an quiet isn't so bad is it? Feeling safe and sound is even better. Can't wait until we can travel north and visit your new digs after you take the bar. We will need to have a giant celebration party afterwards.

Pegi Frostholm said...

Thanks, Kathy! Peace and quiet are a real blessing.

I would love to see you any time - feel free to come on up!

Don Meyer said...

Congratulations on getting settled!
Sounds great, once everything is in place.

My late wife and I moved into this mobile home 41 years ago, and I vowed to only move when they took me out horizontally! So far, so good.