Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Beginnings...

The new semester begins on Monday, so in the interests of cleaning up before I get bogged down with school again, I'm just going to jot down a few stray thoughts that have been wandering around in my head.

I just realized recently that the voice on the Binder & Binder commercials is Dick Summer, who used to broadcast on a local radio station at night. I have a book of his poetry that he wrote to accompany his radio show. Funny how I remember voices all these years later -- it's like a scent -- its impression stays much longer than I realize. And yes, I have been watching a lot of TV this vacation. Why do you ask?

I really love good coffee. I recently had a cup of Starbucks Ethiopian, and I loved it. Shame it costs twice that of a regular Pike's Peak roast -- that's an indulgence that will have to wait until I'm in the ranks of the earning again!

I've been on a WIP clearing kick lately. I've finished 3 or 4 projects that have been languishing for over a year. My friend Lis calls this a "burst of creative energy." That's exactly how this feels. I had a second sock to finish that had been sitting for about 18 months -- I finally frogged it, started over on Saturday, and I just finished turning the heel last night at knit night. Isn't it amazing how quickly I can move on something when I'm in the creative groove!

My cat loves catnip. Simply loves it. Almost as much as I love coffee. Just for fun, I rolled one of her toys in my little tub of catnip last night. She didn't disappoint me -- she was rolling around like a kitten, flipping the toy around, jumping after it, rubbing her face on it... it was very cute. For a 13 year old cat who sleeps 95% of her day away, she was almost animated!

I am really excited for this semester. I'm taking classes that I want to take, that interest me, and that will help my future practice. That's a nice change from taking required "base" courses. I also have Pro Bono work scheduled at the Suffolk Probate Court two days a week. That's just as exciting to me -- I love working with clients. It is, after all, the reason I'm doing this.

I want to travel more this summer. I miss seeing new places and learning about new people. At the least, I can go to local places I've never been. Maybe Vermont.

End of brain dump. I'm going to pour another cup of coffee.

Happy New Year!

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