Sunday, September 12, 2010

Good morning!

Happy thought for today -- this weather is perfect! It's sunny but cool, warm enough inside for me to keep the heat off (thank heavens!), but cool enough outside that I need a wrap when I go out. Really my favorite time of year.

The cats are quiet this morning, but they had a big spat last night. Moose was feeling feisty -- perhaps he likes the weather, too? Anyway, he kept jumping on Miss Kitty, who loudly told Moose that his behavior was unacceptable in polite company. She ran away, he chased her and did it all over again. This went on a few times until I threatened to lock both of them in the family room. I never do it, but they don't know that. They did settle down eventually, but it was a very loud few minutes!  Kind of a buzz-kill, after a very nice dinner with my aunt and uncle from Manhattan. I love getting together with them. They come up every few months -- they really love the Cape -- and we always meet for dinner. They are so sweet, and so interesting to talk with. Just this trip, they started entertaining the idea of possibly moving up here. Maybe. Possibly. I hope they do. It would be great to have more family around. I miss the days when we were all only 2 hours away from each other. Facebook connections are great and all, but it's really not the same as connecting in person on a regular basis.

Ok, off to have coffee, get ready for church, then spend the day watching football and outlining Administrative Law! I know, how can I stand the excitement. It's tough, I tell you. I try not to get overwhelmed by all the rowdy fun. Heh.

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Lis said...

Hey You! So nice to find your comment on my blog ... and to discover a fellow knitter! Although my skills have declined out of neglect, but I am curious to check out the links you have on the sidebar as there is a yarn sale going on right now ...

I hope you will update here soon. Law school? I am so impressed! What a wonderful, brave thing for you to do for yourself. I still ask myself what is it I want to be when I grow up? Oops. Guess I'm done growing, so time to figure things out!

Happiest of New Year's to you. How I love the Cape and Boston! We lived on the corner of Beacon Street and Mass Ave for 2 wonderful years ...

xo Lis