Saturday, September 27, 2008

Random whining...

Ok, so I don't want to become the kind of blogger who always whines, but this morning I feel like I need to. And, lucky readers, you get to be the recipients of my general malaise!

Let's start with Ted Kennedy. Or, more accurately, the media coverage of Ted Kennedy. I haven't been out of my house since I got home at 3:30 yesterday, but poor Ted had another seizure last night, and went to the hospital. I can only imagine the media circus that is now downtown Hyannis. Why, oh why, do the TV stations have to flood tiny little Hy-port every time the poor man burps??? He has brain cancer, for heaven's sake! His doctors, if they're doing their job, will want him to get checked out for every little anomaly! And, having some experience with the absolutely excellent cancer center at Cape Cod Hospital, let me tell you -- the doctors are always doing their job, and are extremely careful. Sheesh. Guess I'm not going downtown to do my shopping today!

In other news, my rampant tendinitis flared up again yesterday. It's usually on my right side -- shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, and ankle -- but this time it flared up in my left shoulder. MAN does it hurt! I must have slept wrong Thursday night, because when I woke up yesterday I could hardly move my arm. It zings right up to where the tendon connects to the shoulder joint. Ask me exactly where that is -- I can put my finger right on it at the moment! It was better with ibuprofen, of course, but that wears off every 6 hours, so I was awake at 4:30 this morning looking for more. I'm trying to knit with it, but my arm gets tired very fast, since I have to hold it at a funny angle to avoid moving my shoulder. Also, my hand started feeling numb after about 20 minutes of knitting, so I had to put it down for a bit. I so hope this doesn't go on all day -- rainy Saturdays are best for knitting! I also have massive cleaning and laundry to do, which will take twice as long if I have to favor my arm.

Times like these, I really miss Steve. When this happened, he would bring me ibuprofen, sit me on the couch with the remote, and take care of everything else for me. It was so wonderful to have him to wait on me when I felt yucky. Now, I just let stuff go when I don't have the energy, or when my stuff flares up. Oh, well. I've said before -- the dust-bunny police haven't taken me away yet, so I think I'm pretty much off their radar screen.

Ok, enough whining for today. I might take a nap in my recliner this morning -- arm hurts less when I'm sitting up -- and try knitting again in a little while.

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