Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ok, so I'm a bad blogger...

I just don't seem to be able to get into the swing of writing on a regular basis. I tell myself it's because I have such a busy life. Sure. That's it.

School starts again on Tuesday so I'm about to get even busier. The first few weeks of any new semester are always tough, until I get back into the routine of school. The hardest part is making myself find the energy to do stuff after I get home. Too often, I get home and just crash, I'm so exhausted, but I still have to do laundry, clean, get groceries, stuff like that. This is when I miss my husband the most -- he used to do all that while I was transitioning back to school.

Last year (my first school year without him), I kept forgetting to check the cat's food! Luckily, she has a self-feeder, but it clogs, and I have to shake it free every now & then. Poor girl, she was probably clogged for a couple of days before I remembered to check it and shake it! At least I remembered to shower every day, and to feed and walk the dog on a regular basis!

I'm also watching the track of Gustav tonight. I feel for the people who have to evacuate the Gulf Coast -- I hope they find somewhere safe and dry to stay, and that the area doesn't sustain too much damage. I have friends and family down that area, and I remember that they were terrified 3 years ago. Thankfully, everyone I knew was safe, but I still worried about them. Ironically, Extreme Home Makeover is re-airing their New Orleans build show tonight! It could be because of the Katrina anniversary, but still -- how weird is that!

Prayers and hugs to everyone who is not in their own home tonight, for whatever reason.

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