Sunday, October 26, 2008

Happy post!

Time for a happy update! The weather is beautiful this weekend, I'm well into a knitting project that I'm really loving (see Lady Eleanor link), and I'm finally finishing my laundry! Every weekend I swear to myself that I will not only wash and dry all my dirty clothes, but I will also fold them and put them away. Well, today is the first time that's happened in about a month now. I've been living out of my laundry basket (what? It's clean!), shaking out wrinkles, or hanging stuff I want to wear in the bathroom as I take my shower, hoping it will unwrinkle. Or, just wearing it with the wrinkles and hoping nobody will notice.

Such a little thing, but such a feeling of accomplishment and control over my life. That's what it comes down to, really, just feeling like I have some control over where my time goes. I'm getting there, slowly.

I got my LSAT score in my e-mail yesterday. Sorry to say, it went down by 3 points. Sigh. And I thought I did so well. It's disappointing to say the least. Still, I'm trying to stay my usual positive self. I won't give up on the idea until I hear if I've been accepted to my first choice or not.

Meanwhile, I'm going to concentrate on my good knitting and laundry day, and enjoy the weather.

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