Saturday, August 9, 2008

Saturday reflections......

My step-granddaughter has been visiting this week, as she has every summer for the last few years. This year her visit is only one week long; usually she's here for two weeks. While I wish we had more time together, it has worked out ok. We've had to focus our activities, and we've spent more time just hanging out together than we have in the past.

She arrived Sunday, and we went out to dinner with my mother, my sister and my nephews (sis and nephews were up visiting from NJ for the weekend). Just tonight, my mom and I were chuckling about how cute it was to see my GD flirting with my nephews in her little 12-almost-13 year old way! She was obviously smitten (and of course, who could blame her -- my nephews are cuties!), and it was adorable to watch, although it also gave me a little wrench. My little girl won't be so little for much longer!

Monday we just hung out. Went to lunch, did a little shopping for her step-father's birthday presents, bought purses from the same shop, walked by the Ocean St. docks in Hyannis, walked some more, then came home and made dinner and watched the Red Sox. Tuesday she went to her cousins' house in West Yarmouth and stayed overnight; Thursday we did a bit more shopping, Friday we played mini-golf, and today we hung out again. Nothing overly exciting, but it was just nice to have time to spend together.

Tonight we were reading (she has to finish her book to do her book report before school starts), and it hit me all of a sudden -- I really love this little girl. I'm so blessed to have her and her family in my life, and to have them stay in my life after my husband passed away last year. It's little moments like we had this week that make our relationship so special.

Tomorrow morning we'll go to church -- she loves to go to church with me -- and her mom and step-dad will be here around midday, so our time is coming to a close. I didn't take any pictures yet this year, but I will tomorrow, before she leaves.

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