Friday, July 18, 2008

Slow Friday

Guess what -- the dog threw up AGAIN last night! Big surprise! This time I took him to the vet. They did x-rays and an ultrasound, and decided he's ok. Of course they sedated him, too, so when I took him home last night he was nice and sleepy! That's ok by me. He did lose it again this morning, including what I hope is the last of his personal yarn stash, so I think he'll be ok in the kennel this coming week. If not, they'll call -- they're wonderful down there, and take very good care of him.

So, today, I'm doing last-minutes stuff before I leave in the morning -- cleaning, garbage, laundry, getting digital cable installed.... oh, didn't I mention that? Turns out it's cheaper to get digital cable WITH a TIVO than to have the cable and satellite I have now! Go figure! So, this gives me an excuse to hang out and knit while I'm waiting for the guy to show up. Works for me!

I'll see everyone when I get back. Meanwhile, look further on my blog to see piccies of my gorgeous lilies!

ETA: Back to the vet this afternoon! This time the dog's back right foot was folding under when he walked. Turns out it's just a muscle "belly" -- like a knot -- in his back right leg that's impeding the nerve reaction in his foot. All that's required is a little massage on the area and some ice occasionally, then he should be all set. Hmph. This dog is rapidly becoming a PAIN! I guess this is to make me really appreciate my vacation next week!

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