Monday, July 14, 2008

I discovered No-Knead Bread!

As I was looking through the boards on Ravelry -- my favorite thing to do these days! -- I found a recipe for No Knead Bread that sounded fabulous. I've always loved to make my own bread, and this is the simplest recipe ever. I guess it was published in the NY Times almost 2 years ago, and made the rounds of the blogs at that time. Of course, I'm late to the party, but I'm going to make my second loaf tonight. The fun part is that you mix the dough the night before, let it sit, covered, on the counter overnight, and then let it rise again for about 2 hours the next morning. Then you bake it for about 45 minutes all together -- 30 minutes with the top on, and about 15 minutes with the top off. I just love the taste of this bread -- it has the taste and texture of a really good bread you get at a nice restaurant, like Ardeo's for example!

Here's a blog post about it, where the author has her 4 year old son mix the bread -- it really is that easy!

Oh, and I went to Hammond Castle for the first time last Friday --- check out my Flickr pictures of the castle...

This is one of my favorite rooms, the "small chapel" right next to the Great Hall:


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Anonymous said...

The bread at Ardeos is the shiznit isn't it?? :o)