Sunday, June 27, 2010

I know, everyone says this, but hey, it's been a while!

And in the almost six months since I last wrote, a lot has happened, of course. My son got engaged to the wonderful woman he's been dating, Justin has moved in with his girlfriend, my dog went through a rough medical stretch and passed away on April 9, and I've completed my first year of law school. Lots of ups and downs, as usual.

Now, the all-good news. My mom has sold her house and moved into a condo, I really like my internship, and summer is here. I really love summer. The privet hedge is flowering, which gives the house a beautiful scent. The lilies have started to bloom (the picture is one my son took when he and his fiancee came to visit for my birthday), and the front yard grass is looking great. I really, really love summer.

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