Saturday, January 23, 2010

School and other complaints...

So, this has been a weird week. I got my grades for my first semester of law school on Friday evening, and it was a mixed bag. A couple were good, a couple were so-so, and one was a hell of a shock. I've spent my week thinking about how to change/ improve my strategy, and talking to school friends about their strategies. I got some excellent suggestions, and some reminders of strategies that I learned about this summer, before I started school. I'm going to implement those this week, and see what happens. I am not, however, giving up, under any circumstances. I know I am learning new ways of thinking and writing, and I know it's a process, so I'm going to stick with it.

In other news, I had fender-bender a couple of weeks ago, and my car is in getting fixed this week. Of course, a part is back-ordered, so the car won't be done until about Monday. Maybe. Or Tuesday. Maybe. This means I'm spending next week in Cambridge again, which is not a bad thing -- it's certainly easier for me to go back and forth to school from there -- but I do miss my home during the week. I also miss my knitting group on Tuesdays! I need them to make me laugh, keep me grounded, and to generally be non-law-students, i.e. NORMAL people! Well, sort of. You guys know you're only semi-normal. I love you anyway. :-D

My son is in NJ, getting his head straight and his meds adjusted - I'm glad he's on top of his issues. He's needed to for a while. One more way his girlfriend is just the perfect person for him -- she is pushing him to become the best person he can be. I absolutely love this girl.

My other roommate, Justin, finally got his car on the road this week, so he's been able to job-hunt, finally. I'm glad for him. He can also go see his girlfriend when he wants to, which is where he is now. He's been very helpful this week, doing the running around to help me get my car fixed. I really would have had a stressful week without his help.

Meanwhile, my BF has been in Redmond, at Microsoft's annual "Frat Party", or Quarterly Business Report, depending on who's describing it. I call it the Frat Party because they all spend every night going out to dinner, clubs, dancing, playing pool, then they get up and do meetings all day long. Nuts, all of them. BF had trouble getting out there on Monday -- took him a total of 25 hours from door to door!!! Now, he just called me -- he's at SeaTac and the airline can't find his reservation. He has a confirmation number for Northwest, but it's a flight-share with Alaska Air, who is now operated by Delta. In short, he's got a receipt, someone paid a lot of money for the flight, but he can't get on a plane. He just wants to get home. I'm sure it will work out -- it always does -- but what a pain in the tuckus in the meantime. It seems that every time he's on his way home, he runs into some sort of problem. It's not usually this bad, but it seems like it's always something. Now, MS wants him to start traveling again, so he'll be running into this all over again. He's going to need some serious de-stress techiniques to deal with the travel.

On the plus side of life, my cleaner comes today, and the boys are out of the house! The house will stay clean for more than 10 minutes after she's gone! Hooray! I plan to enjoy it by just looking and sighing deeply. The cats have also started fighting less. I can't say they're exactly getting along, but they are sharing the couch occasionally without hissing. This is a good thing.

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