Sunday, October 4, 2015

Random thoughts for today

I read an article on the BBC website about a Danish concept called Hygge - the idea of creating a warm, homey atmosphere and good times with good people. It reflects the way I'm trying to live my life these days. Slower, more appreciative of the little things that make life comfortable and welcoming. Good food, good conversation, good company. I'm grateful that I have an abundance of all those things.

So, along those lines, I'm going to hang out at home today, watch football (ok, that's good times for me!), and make a small batch of peach jam with some peaches I've had in the fridge for a couple of weeks. That's about all they're good for at this point, anyway, so why not?

I'm also going to work on the Christmas stockings for my partner's family. I've been chipping away at them for a while, and it's finally cool enough to get some good work done on them.

Hygge for the win.

I took this a few years ago, in Lexington, MA

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