Friday, December 26, 2008

Boxing Day!

1. What is the best gift you received this year? (Tangible gifts only, please!)
DEFINITELY the set of Signature DPNs my sister gave me! As well as the DPN case she put them in! Although, the stinky-stuff set my other sister gave me is a close second...
2. What is the best gift you gave this year?
The handmade washcloths and spa sets I gave to the women in the family.
3. When did you do most of your shopping/creating?
Ok, I admit. I'm one of those. I started knitting washcloths and planning the spa sets back in July, and I bought a bunch of ornaments back then, too. I'm a planner. I'm ok with that. Then again, for all my planning, I didn't mail everything until the 22nd! Guess that makes up for it, huh?
4. Did you go shopping the day after Thanksgiving (U.S.)?
5. What stands out already about Christmas 2008?
Peace and quiet on the actual day, and the wonderfully chaotic, full of laughter dinner party with my church friends on Christmas Eve!

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